Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tribute to Susan Predoehl

as I was driving to my Chemistry test, I was listening to my His People 91-92 tape, and the last song is an arrangement Mr. Dicke made for "Jesus let us come to know you" that Susan had a solo part for. And as I was listening to it, I thought, "MAN, she has such a pretty voice...why didn't I ever notice that before?" (this is 10+ years since I first heard it)
Then I started to remember and think about Susan. She was, hands down, the most encouraging and kind person I have ever known in my life.
In my freshman year, when I was trying SO hard to be good in track, she was the only person that would stick with me during our practice runs out in the streets of a certain suburb where people drove AWFULLY fast down county rd B-C. She stuck with me in the slush and crappy-icy streets when she could have finished her 5-mile run already. No one else would slow down enough to stick with me the first couple of weeks before my time started to go up.
She was ALWAYS smiling, and trying to be helpful. I can not remember ever hearing her say anything negative about anyone.
Then she came to visit me after I moved back from the east coast before she moved to CA, and then I lost touch with her. So sad. :(

Why is it that when we are really young, we don't have the wisdom to see the value in people? Why is it that as a teen I was SO preoccupied with stupid people that were completely out of my life within 5 years? Why is it that I only appreciate some of the best people that ever wandered into my life after they have wandered out of it?
Why did I think some of the worst people that were in my life at that time were so fascinating?

Liz wrote me that she turns old next month.
I wonder if that is what is happening to me (after I wrote back and told her she's being silly), and that's why I'm waxing philosophical, waning sense.....

Anyhow; Susan, even if you never see are the most kind and encouraging person I have ever known, and I wish I could be more like you. :)

Now- for my Mom, another bub photo!

FYI- this balloon didn't lose it's buoyancy for 2 weeks, that's right 14 days. I have never seen a standard He balloon (not the metallic kind) last that long.
Bub loved it. :) It helped him get thru his ear infection. He'd hold the string and kind of pull and punch it and watch it go up & down with a sad, kind of pathetic smile that made me hug & kiss him and tell him he'd get better soon.
*sigh* and now he is! Yayee!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

crabby after a nap

He's so cute when he's all crabby.
his lower lip gets very pouty.

He's going back to school tomorrow after healing from his week and a half ear-infection.
NO yeast over-growth! WooHoo! the antibiotic nailed the ear infection & the probiotic kept his poor little intestines happy! Momma's got the balance thing going on!

So, hopefully he will have a very happy 1st day back in school after 2 weeks of intensive Momma care, and will remember how much he loves going to school, his teacher, & Miss Lee! (and not weep on Momma's shoulder when he realizes I'm going home without him for a few hours)

Nubs to all, and to all a good nite!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

disturbing commercials

So, I'm disturbed by the nintendo "wii" commercials. Those two guys that say "wii would like to play" give me the willies!
There is something about those two guys that make me think of sicko hard-core anime.

Now it is a rule to change the channel during those commercials...

that was the thought, so now I am done.


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