Tuesday, May 29, 2007

here comes the spiderman!

Don't think I have posted any pic's of bub in his spidey-pj's grandma got him last fall, but they are very cute!
Haven't updated much lately, sorry to anyone who likes to read these on a regular basis. I've been really struggling on the motivation for hobbies the last month or so. Finished my finals a few weeks ago, did well, mainly. Then just as my classes are coming to a close I FINALLY get a few different people to listen to me about concerns Joe & I have with Bub's development and don't dismiss me as a paranoid first-time mom.
So Mr. Man is starting to work with ECI (early childhood intervention) and when he turns three we will be receiving help from the local school district. One thing that is REALLY wonderful about ECI here in TX is that they come to our home, instead of me and the bub going to some office. So my little man gets excited when they come over. Right now to start, we are using some what I call weight therapy, Bub wears these ankle weights that are about 1 lbs each for 15 min. every 2 hours. He's only been wearing them since Friday and we are already seeing some really good results (IMHO). He's staying focused on shows and activities, and seems to be listening and comprehending a little better (I have to repeat myself less and don't have to point and show as much to make him understand). Also, all of us have heard him saying words we haven't heard him say before and in the right context (although it is still sporadic and random in timing)- like I was washing hands with him, and as always I was talking to him about the steps we take to wash hands and after we got the soap on I told him to rub-rub and he started rubbing his hands together and said "rub", I play with the weights with him when we take them off to help him feel positive about them for next time too. I usually put them up to my eyes and say "I see you!", NOT ONLY did he imitate me, he said "see you" back to me! (haven't gotten him to say it again tho). and today, Joe was playing with him on our bed and pointing out pillows to bub. Joe asked bub to get a pillow and Mr. Man grabbed our huge body-pillow and said "BIG" really clearly. So that is just HUGE to me.
In addition to the weights, we are also learning ASL as an alternative means of teaching Bub to communicate with us. It's a fabulous series called "Signing time" by little hands productions (go to www.signingtime.com to see more). Bub really likes watching it & runs to the room when ever he hears the DVD start. I caught him signing leaf, but he was in our room and there aren't any leaves in our room, so I don't know what he was trying to say or do. I have nearly learned all the signs on the DVD and I am trying to use as many signs as I can when I talk with bub. I'm planning on going to the library in the next day or two to get some books on signing.

Anyhow, this is currently my focus, and I have really been putting everything thing else off to the back-burner, so I apologize that I haven't called, written, etc.. like I usually do. I try to get better, but sometimes it's hard for me even to think about anything besides helping and working with my little man. Right now we are working on getting a referral to a developmental pediatrician in one of the nearby towns, but it takes time when it's medicaid, and I don't know if getting a "diagnosis" is going to make any of us feel better/different/etc.. I'm just really grateful the things I have been doing instinctually and the small things I've read about and tried have been helping before I got any additional outside help. Bub is doing much better with eye-contact, he is becoming much more responsive to hearing his name, and can follow simple 2-step requests (like "pick it up and put it in the trash"). He comes and finds me when he wants to show me something and does initiate hugs and sometime kisses with and without prompting.
He still spaces out sometimes, but he comes back much more quickly in the last month or so and he's showing interest in books and drawing! (he still won't let me read books to him for very long tho.)

anyhow, that's whats happening here. Hope you are having a good day where you are.
Love Nina


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