Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Finished all my tests and projects for this CrazY-WeeK-Of-INSAnity-That's-nOt-MidTerMs-but-SURE-FEELS-THAT-WAY

I have spring break off next week (wah? Shouldn't that be near Easter????!)
So, since we don't do Midterms, they give us tests and tell us they aren't mid-terms...
Get it? I'm still confused on that one....

Anyhow, I finished my Art-Appreciation project just a while back & am taking a few moments to play on my blogs before I hit the sack.
The HUGE Human Development test I was SOOO worried about? I got an A! Yayee!!!

This is how big a nerd I am during tests:
1- I answer all the questions.
2-I go thru my answers to make sure I still agree with them & mark the ones I question my first impression on.
3-I go thru the ones I marked to triple check, and change them depending on my confidence level.
4-I sit & stare at the scan-tron and count: a- how many questions I changed answers to, and b. how many I marked.
5- I then make sure I am comfortable with the idea that everyone of those questions I just counted could be wrong, and is that I grade I can live with?
6- If "yes", turn in
7-If "no", secretly bite my nails & turn it in anyhow.

What made this experience worse/better...was he was grading it for us right away, so no suspense. UNFORTUNATELY, I sit in the front (b/c I am a nerd...proud of it....) So I hear the comments he makes to my classmates as he shows them their score. Most of what I heard was "you can do better.", "I hope you do better next test", etc... *"shake in boots"mode*

So after completing steps 1-5, I realize I could have upto 15 out of 100 wrong. My Prof put the scale on the whiteboard, and 15 off would put me at a B, so I do the secret nail bite & go to the "DESK OF DOOM" (ba-ba-ba-boom) ONLY 10 of the 15 wrong! PLUS! I got 2 extra credit points for a in-class project I did a couple weeks ago! So I had a 92 & the cut off was 90.

THEN to compound the nerd-within, after I get a compliment from him for paying attention in class, I start walking to my car, realized I am SO jittery from the anticipation of this test & then the resulting calm (?) of passing well, I do not think I can drive safely. The closest approximation I have to this is MAYBE when I drove from MN to TX in July 98 (shane's wedding) by myself, and didn't stop for the night anywhere and was hopped up on NO-DOZ and coffee... THAT kind of shaky, where if you HAVE to drive you can, but it's better if you don't, you know? So I kill time & call Joe until my equilibrium has returned.

So long story short. I am the ultimate nerd. and I'm getting old, now that I know better than to push myself too hard. Oh, the joy of youthful stupidity vs the ability to laugh your pants off at yourself.

Love to all, please don't tease me too hard on this one.

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