Wednesday, March 28, 2007

rainy day!

The umbrella is Bub's new friend (after he broke a tine, of course...)
He will bring it over to me, and move my hand to the underpart to tell me he would like me to open it for him...(thankfully, that part still escapes him, for now anyways....)
It was all rainy yesterday morning, so I decided to slap those yellow boots on & grab the blue umbrella & my trusty digitial camera (have I ever said how much I love this thing?) & go to it.

Can you tell mr. Man is having a great time? little bugger only figured out that umbrellas only work to keep you dry if you hold it OVER your head once the downpour started...
naturally, Momma had NO umbrella, so guess who got soaked...much like my Dad getting "skunked" on the fishing trips we took as kids. (at least Bub didn't poke my eye out with the umbrella like I "hooked" Dad with my fishing poll....)

It was hard getting a good picture, he was on the go & with the lighting, my camera kept delaying the shot for the proper aggrivating, but still, some really cute ones came out -Fairly- well.

Well, happy Wednesday to all! :)

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