Friday, February 09, 2007

spring in the backyard

Little Daffodil,
growing thru the leaves-
Sunshine in dirt.

Yes, I think I just did a haiku.
I don't think I have haiku-ed for a long time. None-the-less, a sign of the TRUE geek within.

This was yesterday? or Wednesday. one of those days were sunshiney *give me a break, I had 2 tests this week & I'm preparing my 1st speech & starting a group project (that I have become the lead on, because I'm not afraid to make a fool of my self---see earlier posts---) and a paper...and I have 2 more tests next week. *sigh*

I saw the daffodil & then this little bud on the tree.


  1. awwww!!! you're working so hard!! you go girl!! Love you!!

  2. oh, and yes, inner geek shines through, yet again. :)



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