Friday, February 16, 2007

so much for spring

It's in the 30's today. It's pretty darn cold. I am a wimp. I don't want to pull out my parka, so I'm staying indoors & taking Bub to the upstairs portion of the house for his walkabouts. I am a sad, sad, sad person (I don't mean sorrowful, I mean -sad-)

Anyhow, it's Friday. Yayee. Me n bub are fighting off the beginnings of a cold. I'm super cold & sleepy, Mr. Man has a crusty nose. eww! How ookie is that? He started picking it again. I JUST got him to quit picking his nose, then he gets crusty & starts all over again. *sigh*.
Joe's healthy tho, so that is good. I don't think I could handle the three of us sick. Member? My lessons a few weeks back? All men want to be babied when they are sick, even if they are only two? well, I stand by it.

Anyhow, Joe got home early today & let me take a nap. I am so grateful. I don't want to be babied when I'm sick, I just want to sleep. yeah.

Some days Mr. Man gets upset when I leave for class, other days he wants to join me. This is one of the latter days.

Happy Weekend! Love to all!

1 comment:

  1. FYI-
    he's wearing my empty backpack.
    he 1st tried this w/ my FULL backpack & fell over backwards.
    I am a horrible momma b/c I laughed.
    ...but Bub laughed with me, so "is that wrong?"(dirty rotten scoundrels)



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