Thursday, February 08, 2007

RFID continued...

I can NOT believe it. That Principal, Earnie Graham from Britton Elementary school in Sutton, CA just called me back. I got to do a 10 min interview with him about the RFID program they did at the school in 2005. How wild was that? I think he was afraid initially I was a crack-pot, then he thought I didn't understand what the technology was. When I finally convinced him that I just wanted to know how long the initiative ran, the results & and what the "fall-out" was, he was so helpful!

This is when all my years in Phone-sales and years in management and doing sales/motivation training have paid out. I knew FGI would be a good job for me even tho my uncle thought it was beneath me back in the 90's. True, I don't want to do phone-sales the rest of my life (that's why I'm back in school), but that experience was so helpful for doing any kind of business over the phone & being able to pick up on tiny cues the person you are talking to has no idea they are sending out. I am SO thankful to Al & yes, even Amber @ my last job for pushing me with my questioning skills.

I better get an A on this speech!

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  1. sounds like you're doing awesome girly!!! YAY for you! Let us know how it goes!!!



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