Monday, February 26, 2007


So the big thing in my extended family right now is Myspace. I just set one up too, so I can compare whether I like it better or not than this blogger account.
It might be easier for some to use, but then again, I really like my blogger site.

One thing that could be cool on myspace is the photo gallery, but MAYBE i can set one up there, link it to this one & have the best of both worlds?????

Hrmm, Must ponder that.

Meanwhile, I've added the link to my links section (Wacka Wacka Wacka), and here it is again:


Friday, February 23, 2007

Yayee for Friday!

Doesn't this look fun? Don't you wish you could fit into a wheelbarrow & have your little cousins push YOU around? (I do...but I'm kinda too big....) *grin*

Thanks to Pam & Grandma for getting this to me from last weekend's roadtrip to AR. We all had fun!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I FOUND THE PARODY OF "COPS" with storm troopers!

My friend Mike showed this to me -years- ago & I nearly PIP! So now I found it! Go there & take a gander, it's great!

(can't figure out how to do the anchor thing, so just cut & paste!)

I love this stuff. :)

Now, I really should go to bed, but I'm not too tired yet as Joe let me take 2 naps today while he played with the Bub. Mr. Man got better by the end of the day, his nose did not that a word?...that makes me think of this commercial I saw a while back for a laptop. one of the descriptive words for it in the commercial (adjective) was some made up word - ruggedablity-

anyway. let's hope I am not poorly in the morning. We're driving up to AR on Sunday & I need to be better. time to suck down the orange juice. bleah. I really don't like it tho.

More pictures for my Mom. I made kashka (tho I can only find "maltomeal" down here) for the little man a few days back & put in the jam. He looked at me funny & then started eating with gusto!

Like the mess he makes for me? *sigh* at least if I give him a towel & say "wipe wipe" he does try to clean a bit...yayee!

Friday, February 16, 2007

so much for spring

It's in the 30's today. It's pretty darn cold. I am a wimp. I don't want to pull out my parka, so I'm staying indoors & taking Bub to the upstairs portion of the house for his walkabouts. I am a sad, sad, sad person (I don't mean sorrowful, I mean -sad-)

Anyhow, it's Friday. Yayee. Me n bub are fighting off the beginnings of a cold. I'm super cold & sleepy, Mr. Man has a crusty nose. eww! How ookie is that? He started picking it again. I JUST got him to quit picking his nose, then he gets crusty & starts all over again. *sigh*.
Joe's healthy tho, so that is good. I don't think I could handle the three of us sick. Member? My lessons a few weeks back? All men want to be babied when they are sick, even if they are only two? well, I stand by it.

Anyhow, Joe got home early today & let me take a nap. I am so grateful. I don't want to be babied when I'm sick, I just want to sleep. yeah.

Some days Mr. Man gets upset when I leave for class, other days he wants to join me. This is one of the latter days.

Happy Weekend! Love to all!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dude, This guy wins the Muppet obsession award.

I thought I had issues with collecting Muppet videos, memorizing songs, drilling people my age about obscure skits on Sesame street (like the Geefle & Gonk- I just was talking about them today because I gave bub a nectarine & started going "geefle, geefle" and holding my arms up like I couldn't bend them. Let me tell you, the looks I got from everyone just made me turn RED. Even my own son gave me that "what have you been smoking, momma?" look)

SEE! SEE! I -AM- a freak! & this guy is intensified to the nth degree.
I added him to my links...if you have a problem figuring out which one it is...wellllll, maybe I'm not the freak! :)

I started looking thru his links & there was a link to...Ross will love this...GELFLING COLLEGE!
But *sigh* the link was dead. the site had been closed, or moved, or something. but I was snickering pretty hard. *grin*

Ho hum. I should go to bed. BUT WOO HOO!
I finished typing my "due-on-monday-speech" and prepared my visuals (2) & can deliver it in 6min, 55seconds (time limit is 5-7 min)

Once I have it graded, if anyone is interested, I'll post the sucker. hehehehehe

loves to all!

Friday, February 09, 2007

spring in the backyard

Little Daffodil,
growing thru the leaves-
Sunshine in dirt.

Yes, I think I just did a haiku.
I don't think I have haiku-ed for a long time. None-the-less, a sign of the TRUE geek within.

This was yesterday? or Wednesday. one of those days were sunshiney *give me a break, I had 2 tests this week & I'm preparing my 1st speech & starting a group project (that I have become the lead on, because I'm not afraid to make a fool of my self---see earlier posts---) and a paper...and I have 2 more tests next week. *sigh*

I saw the daffodil & then this little bud on the tree.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

RFID continued...

I can NOT believe it. That Principal, Earnie Graham from Britton Elementary school in Sutton, CA just called me back. I got to do a 10 min interview with him about the RFID program they did at the school in 2005. How wild was that? I think he was afraid initially I was a crack-pot, then he thought I didn't understand what the technology was. When I finally convinced him that I just wanted to know how long the initiative ran, the results & and what the "fall-out" was, he was so helpful!

This is when all my years in Phone-sales and years in management and doing sales/motivation training have paid out. I knew FGI would be a good job for me even tho my uncle thought it was beneath me back in the 90's. True, I don't want to do phone-sales the rest of my life (that's why I'm back in school), but that experience was so helpful for doing any kind of business over the phone & being able to pick up on tiny cues the person you are talking to has no idea they are sending out. I am SO thankful to Al & yes, even Amber @ my last job for pushing me with my questioning skills.

I better get an A on this speech!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

how weird is that? RFIDs

So I'm doing research; preparing for my speech next monday. I have been clueless on what to do it on until I think, Destron Feared; Digital Angel; other evil corporations like Verichip need to be exposed! So I'm looking up info on RFIDs (radio frequency identification) and I am learning all sorts of weird things...Like did you know:

* casino's are using these RFIDs in chips, chip counters, table & tip boxes to make sure you don't cheat the house?

*Or that in San Fran, Chicago & some Florida city (miami?) they have sent out RFIDs embedded in Mini car keys & when one of these 4500 owners drive past the billboard, it will light a a special message just for them (like "Vera's cruising now!").

*Or that in northern California there was a school that made the kids wear RFID badges as a mandatory part of their dress code (Parents were NOT happy)...really, look it up- Britton Elementary, the principal is earnie graham. (I called the school & left a message for him asking for info on what happened b/c the only articles I could find were in 2005 & only dealt with the initiation of this policy...I doubt he will call or email me back) (I read the school's "student Handbook" on the school's website & didn't see anything about it, so it is prolly abandoned)

Now I don't think using the tech of RFIDs is completely bad, (like that mini car thing cracks me up & the owners made a voluntary choice to participate). but INJECTING A CHIP INTO YOUR ARM/HAND is a BAD IDEA! forbearing the whole "sign of the beast" thing, hello...Norplant?

Does anyone remember the fiasco of Norplant? Imbedding sticks of birth control hormones under the skin of your arm? Remember how they would "wander" and end up stuck in your elbow? (not a personal experience, just saw the pictures) At least with Norplant it was over an inch long & you could EASILY locate where the suckers were. This Verichip (which was approved by the FDA in 2004) is smaller than a flippin' penny! It's the size of a grain of rice! How are you going to find this thing when your subcutaneous tissue degrades & it goes floating off to regions unknown in your body?

Do you think Kurt Russel & Martin Short are going to miniaturize & search it out? HELLO!


Maybe FSJ can create an Ichip. hehehehehe

Friday, February 02, 2007

The fake steve jobs...I love it

Check this guy out! it is SO funny! seriously PIP funny!

I want a fakesteve tee-shirt, but alas, I am too poor.

DON'T go to the fake Hillary clinton site, it is only dirty language & badly written sarcasm.

Just my 2 cents for the day. :)

Boy, I hear the weather in the great snow state is -7 today & falling.
Glad I'm not out doing this....


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