Monday, January 29, 2007

You asked for it Dawn, that's all I'm saying....

I'm tagged along with the rest of the blogging world...

To come up with six weird things about me. hmmm. To come up with ONLY six is probably the hard part.....

1) I MUST eat the half-popped kernels in a bag of microwave popcorn before I can toss it out- & I HAVE to save the half-popped kernels for last. (but I hate corn-nuts)

2) I must sit thru the end credits of any movie I go to at the theater, but I won't if I watch a movie on TV or video/DVD (Joe hates that....)

3) I secretly love listening to the music on playhouse disney (did anyone know -or care- that They Might Be Giants wrote & preformed the newest version of "the mickey mouse club house" song, the "hot dog" song on mickey mouse club & that "higgly-town heroes" song-video?) I also think Ralph on "Ralph's World" looks like Garth in a brown wig (Garth from "Wayne's world) & Bub and I "sing" the "Daniel cook" song every morning after the doodle-bops (don't get me started there) and bub & I pretend to be the different animals during the "koala brothers" song. -Lolly is an emu, and Sam is an echnid (how sad am I any how....Does this count as more than 1 wierd thing?) How does one imitate an echnid? I kinda roll up in a ball cuz they're kinda like hedgehogs, only marsupials.....and guess what...I know that fun little fact from the They Might Be Giants song "mammal" on the apollo 18 album. *shakes head at the magnitude of my sad-ness....* the REALLY sad part of this is that I have found a way to connect the beginning of my ramble to the end of my ramble & justify my ramble with the ramble...."oy! I need a tums" -grandfather grape...Jonah, end credits... (there I go again....)

4) I named my dog after an episode of Doctor Who....One that never aired on TV, only as a web-cast. I go to Doctor who websites, and watch web-casts. I spent a week reading a web site on the chronological history of Gallifrey & the Doctor's multiple time-lines on some "nerd-like-me"'s web site. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, I was a member of a Doctor who fan club as a teen-ager. I didn't have a teenage crush on tom cruise or Michael J. Fox like all my normal friends, I had a crush on Peter Davidson! HELLO!!!!!!!

5) (do I need to go on?) I freak out every time Joe upgrades the computer & I can't find my files, but discover to my embarrassment that the changes he made really make my life easier.

6) I refer to a blue & white duster as "Fuffy" & on occasion give it hugs & kisses when my little man requests it...
yeah. yayee me.

I may have to delete this post after Dawn reads it.


  1. #'s 1 & 6 are definitely my favorite!! And you better NOT delete this everyone doesn't all ready know you're weird??!! hahahahaha. Love you!!
    Hey, I just noticed that your archives go back to Sept '06, I didn't realize you'd been blogging that long!! Awesome, I love it!
    Hope you're having a good week!!

  2. Hey Lady!

    You need to get the book "Bed, Bed, Bed". It's by They Might be Giants and comes with a CD! I love it, and I think you and bub will love it too!




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