Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jumbo Raisins

I just don't have the heart to call it what it really is....

If you recall the post from Dec 15, the number #1 rule...all new momma's are fixated on the "End Products" of their babies????
Well, with the ongoing issues my poor lil bub has had, I sucked it up & bought this.

Momma goes out of her way to call it "jumbo raisins" because Mr. Man loves raisins & they DO look like really big raisins. I do make the quote marks with my fingers when I call them "jumbo raisins" so I'm not lying to him either. (yes, the inner nerd just emerges in the everyday life...)

Grandma thinks I am silly to call it that because he doesn't know what it really is, nor does he know the connotations of -that- word-...but I maintain that Mr. Man is bright enough to see Momma's distress at feeding him this that if I didn't call it a funny name that made me happy, he wouldn't eat it.

Case in point....
Grandma has a HUGE jar of pickled okra in the fridge. Just as a reference, I have never liked okra since a bad experience with a "shoney's"* on a youth trip or maybe a HP tour trip. Grandma & I were going thru some of the stuff in the fridge while Mr. Man was nearby taking things in & out of kitchen drawers & cabinets, & she pulls out this jar & asks me if I like it. I said no, that I don't like Okra, I have tried it several times & prepared in different ways, but I do not like it, sam I am. I will not eat it if I can. Then she asks if bub would like it because it kind of tastes like a pickle. I said that he will eat pickles on occasion & we can try to give him one. So up goes mr. Man on his chair, grandma gives him a pickled okra. he sniffs it & runs away. I say he ran away b/c he heard momma say "I don't like it" cuz normally he will at least try new things before running away. This same thing happened a few weeks earlier when grandma asked me if I like sweet pickles & I said no as she was trying to give one to bub.
Co-inki-dink? prolly not.

Here is what Mr. Man thinks of Momma's "jumbo raisins"

No cookie monster here....I have a "jumbo raisin" monster. Seriously! If I let him have the can to himself he will gorge himself silly. I have to ration him on it or he'll just stuff them in & then I have to pull them out & tell him "one at a time!!!"

Never did I think this would be my life.

FYI- it worked. He now eats 3-6 "jumbo raisins" a day (slowly parceled out) & is doing, if you can call that splendid. At least it is when Joe has diaper duty.... hehehehehehehe.

*as an aside- you must pronouce "shoney's" as /sa-hun-e-z/

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  1. OH MY goodness. Cracking me up, you are. I wish it was that simple over here!!! Love you!



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