Friday, December 15, 2006

HA-ha-ha-ha-hah-aww nuts!

Points to those who get where I stole the title quote from. *grin*

but really, the taunting nature of the title is that I am DONE with my Christmas cards!
I mailed all but 9 & that's because I had missing information (such as addresses) or ran out of pictures & had to make more. (thanks to Kellie!!)

But here is a cute picture because it is cute.

Ok, it's official. I'm back to the sappy momma mode.
can you tell?

Poor little man has been SO patient with me the last few days.
Wednesday he had digestive problems...(lesson #1: all 1st time moms are fixated on their child's digestive system....I swear, so many of my conversations in the last 3 days have started with talking about what kind of poop is coming out of him...)
So as we learned from lession #1, he has a really BAD diaper rash. I had lots to do on Wednesday, but he was so miserable, I had to baby him all day & I got exhausted. Cleaning a baby's sore poopy butt is enough to make anyone cry, but then he's in SO much pain he's clinging to me begging me not to clean him...I'm half crying & half laughing because this is my life.
(Lession #2: yes Melissa, I -am- that kind of Momma *sigh* you were right)
so as we learned from lesson 2, being -that- kind of momma, I will continue the story... Thursday I had to get my butt in gear & make stuff I wanted to send out, so I spent the day making things & then chasing a sore-bottomed bub who is now angry at me for not babying him for a 2nd day in a row.
(lession #3: no matter how old men are, they expect you to baby them when they do not feel well...even if they are only 2)
So, looking at lesson #3, you would think today I would have kept that in mind...but NO. Lil Muppet-head is a frenzied mad-woman. what started as "I'm just going to package these few things & then go to the postoffice & then go to walmart & get baby-wipes & diapers" turned into crazed obsession to finish ALL and ANY christmas cards, just to get them done so I won't have to go thru the hassle of taking bub to the postoffice twice (he likes to steal the bulbs off the christmas tree in there)
(lession #4: yes virginia, I am a crazy woman)
So now it is 1:30. Bub had lunch but no nap. The post office I want to go to closes at 3pm (because it is a "country" office & is less busy)
(lession #5: ALWAYS go out of your way to a less busy post office)
So keeping lesson 5 & 4 in mind. I get all the stuff I have to mail in a HUGE bag so I have one hand free for bub. Do another diaper change & grab mr. Man's Fluffy (Fluffy is a duster that is blue & white. it is currently his favorite & best toy) On the way to the post office I tell Bub that if he is especially good & obedient in the post office I will take him to the secret pirate treehouse castle. This is his favorite play ground on the OTHER side of town, so we don't go there all the time. I call it the "secret pirate treehouse castle" because that's what it looks like to's really cool & makes me jealous I'm not a kid.
(Lession #6: all the really COOL stuff wasn't invented until you grew up)
Mr Man was wonderful! even tho we went to the small "country" office, there was a line, but making good use of rule #4- I talked to Bub about everything we were doing...example: "ok bub, we're opening the door....pull real hard...Good job! momma loves your cheerful heart! Now hold hands real tight! don't let go....etc..." people looked at me REAL funny, but they let me go first!!!! it was GREAT! The postoffice lady remembered Bub from last time & complimented him on minding me so much better this time. He hid his face in my shoulder, then blew her a kiss as we were leaving. continuing the crazy woman thing, I praised him all the way back to the car & told him how much fun we were going to have when we got to secret pirate treehouse castle. he was all smiles.
(Lession #7: ALWAYS keep your promises to your bubs)
Had a great time at the playground. drove to a mcdonalds & got a lemonade we diluted with water (WAY TOO SWEET!) & a yogurt. Normally I hate mcdonalds, but I have to admit, they do have healthy food. Like I could get a yogurt for bub anywhere else with a drivethru??? my best 2nd option is to go to BK & get an applesauce. Then we went to walmart. Bub was SO excited there was a salvation army bell ringer there. I have been spending the last 2 weeks teaching him to put monies into the bucket! today I gave him $.60 b4 we crossed the street & told him it's for the bucket! He didn't even TRY to eat the coins! He put them in the bucket & the lady let him ring her bell for a while! He was SO happy!
(Lession #8: teach giving is good whenever & as often as you can!)
So I tried to let bub hold hands with me instead of riding in the cart as he is now getting impatient with the slowness of my shopping. (i am SO price conscience! I do math in my head to make sure I get the best deal) He did REAL good, until I asked him to put the babywipes in the cart. He grabbed the babywipes & started running down the isle. even tho momma may not be in shape, she still can sprint faster than bub can. After that bub rode the cart.
(lession #9: just because they are being good, doesn't mean they will STAY acting good)
once we got home, normal patterns commenced, but the poor little man's butt was so sore, I ended up slathering him with more A &D ointment & giving him some tylenol. we sat in the big comfy chair & watched Jonah until he fell asleep.
Now, I am tired. I meant to end this right after I posted the picture...but my rambly nature took over. (lession #10: stop.)

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  1. (Sorry if this posted twice! Blogger Beta is confusing me!!)
    Thank you for the lessons.
    Sounds like he did a great job, and SO DID YOU!!!
    (Now if only I could be a good little girl and get to the post office!!)



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