Sunday, October 22, 2006

Long walkabouts

Yipes! It has taken me a LONG time to get these pictures posted in the right order....huff, puff.

I'm posting these pictures to mainly my Dad can see that east texas is not bramble-bushes and ranch country w/ giant flying cockroaches everywhere (only the fire ants, as I mentioned earlier)

These are some pictures I took on Thursday with the Bub on our morning walkabouts. As you can see, as we neared home, Mr. Man got impatient with the ride.

The 2nd picture is where I usually take him out of the stroller & then we "hold hands tight" and walk together (after the little man finds an acorn).
he still likes rocks, but acorns are much more interesting right now. He "knows" they get confiscated if they end up in the mouth, so instead he rubs his cheeks with the acorn...If ONLY he could explain that one to me....and the rock/fuzzy obsession. At least he doesn't eat bugs or boogers tho....

Love all!

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