Monday, October 16, 2006


I LOVE this picture of my little man!!!! It is so descriptive of him when he finds something interesting. (In this case a stick, but it's happened with ROCKS -in the mouth- bugs, leaves, etc...). The tongue isn't popping out as much as it used to, but you can see the bottom lip pushing out to replace the tongue when thinking hard thoughts.

This was last week during blustery weather (all 60-70 degrees of it!) Hubby told me that at his work all the smokers are huddled in a tight knit group when smoking outside in the 60-70 degree weather. This makes me laugh. Up in the great winter state, I have known people to go outside to smoke in -30 and under degrees with REALLY awful wind-chills to boot! AND they go out in a regular sweater, NO HEAVY COAT! (maybe a pair of stretch gloves...)

No I am not talking about me- I was NEVER that desparate for a smoke- I would bundle up or forgo it... & Hubby is not smoking now either. (yayee)

Anyhow, Happy Rainy (for me) Monday from me & the Bub! :)

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