Monday, October 09, 2006


On Friday Grandma & Grandpa had the afternoons off & we took a trip to their vacation spot sorta-nearby so Bub could go swimming in the pool. Little man was so excited because the pool had a BIG kiddie pool section that was only 2 ft deep. He had a kiddie life-jacket on &, you guessed, flopped over face first. he was floating face-down& panicing SO hard he didn't realize all he had to do was stand up. after Momma "saved him from imminent danger", he had to hold Momma's hand for about 20 min after that; just to help the confidence build back up. then he had a blast. Once again he was Mr. Flirty-pants & a little 5-6 yr old girl was playing with him & gave him her cup to fill with water & dump out.

Anyhow! This shot is Mr.Man & Grandpa. After the swim, we walked around a bit. They just put in a mini-golf putt-putt course, and Grandma loves the waterfall. we tried SO hard to get a couple shot of the Bub smiling, but he wouldn't co-operate. He just wanted to throw rocks & leaves in instead. Here you see Grandma & Grandpa trying real hard to get that kind of picture.
oh well, he's only 2 after all.

Must dash, "song of the Cebu" is on. Me & bub love dancing to it....Achoo-moomooo, boohoo-moomoo, moomoo, moomoo, Cebu! Hippo chewing his bamboo....

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