Monday, October 30, 2006

Arts 'n' crafts

Here is Mr. Man doing Arts 'n' Crafts with me. Notice the newspaper lining the counter. Lil Bub has a hard time differenciating between paper and counter....
so he nibbles a little and then sorts a little and then scribbles a little.
His favorite color is Red, he will RARELY draw with any other color & sometimes he will get "mad" at me if I draw with a different color on his red drawing. But when it comes to just playing with pencils, crayons, playdough, etc he will separate the colors and put them back in a bunch and then chew on whichever one happens to be the last one in his hands. I surely love my little bub!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. He's SOOO handsome! Glad he has fun being "artsy". It IS in the family!!! :)
    Love ya!



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