Monday, October 30, 2006

Arts 'n' crafts

Here is Mr. Man doing Arts 'n' Crafts with me. Notice the newspaper lining the counter. Lil Bub has a hard time differenciating between paper and counter....
so he nibbles a little and then sorts a little and then scribbles a little.
His favorite color is Red, he will RARELY draw with any other color & sometimes he will get "mad" at me if I draw with a different color on his red drawing. But when it comes to just playing with pencils, crayons, playdough, etc he will separate the colors and put them back in a bunch and then chew on whichever one happens to be the last one in his hands. I surely love my little bub!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

way too funny!

If you look closely at the top picture, you will see two little feet sticking out!
Mr. Man decided he wanted to hide under the pillows instead of going to bed last night. He was hiding out, thinking he was all clever...until daddy sneaked in & tickled his toes. That made him sit up to investigate who had unraveled his ingenious disguise. Being the smart lad that he is, he decided it wasn't important & reburied himself in the pillows- then promptly fell asleep there despite Momma sneaking in to get the last shot!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Long walkabouts

Yipes! It has taken me a LONG time to get these pictures posted in the right order....huff, puff.

I'm posting these pictures to mainly my Dad can see that east texas is not bramble-bushes and ranch country w/ giant flying cockroaches everywhere (only the fire ants, as I mentioned earlier)

These are some pictures I took on Thursday with the Bub on our morning walkabouts. As you can see, as we neared home, Mr. Man got impatient with the ride.

The 2nd picture is where I usually take him out of the stroller & then we "hold hands tight" and walk together (after the little man finds an acorn).
he still likes rocks, but acorns are much more interesting right now. He "knows" they get confiscated if they end up in the mouth, so instead he rubs his cheeks with the acorn...If ONLY he could explain that one to me....and the rock/fuzzy obsession. At least he doesn't eat bugs or boogers tho....

Love all!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

B-day #2 (in late September)

Here are some cute ones. Since Mr. Man's birthday was after moving day, we had a Up North B-day & and Down South B-day.
These are funny shots from the Down South B-day :)
Up above is Uncle K. and to the side is Cousin K (who I mentioned Yesterday). She is 2 years older than my Bub.

Anyhow, today is a cloudy day & "cold" (60degrees), So I wanted to post something cheerful!
Lots of Love from the Muppet-Head!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

fire ants...BAD!!! (SNL frankenstein w/ Sting)

In the Great White State (FYI- "white" b/c of SNOW), the Most feared insect is the mosquito, maybe the tick *SPOON* (sorry...knee-jerk reaction..kinda like "this is my boom-stick")
Anywhoo...Here in TX we fear the Fire Ant. These are NASTY little buggers & they are everywhere!

Due to rain & other unforseeable issues that have come up, the lawn has not been mowed for over 2 weeks. Now the grass isn't that high, & you can't really tell it's been that long. The only bad thing about this is that the fire ants have moved in.

Bub & I have not gone on yard walkabouts since this last weekend when I noticed several of these mounds all over the yard. The only reason I am this...concerned...about this is that cousin K is allergic to some sort of backyard bug (we're not sure what). and by allergic, I mean we have a spare adrenaline shot here just in case it's needed. I'm not "allergic" to any bugs, but I do have serious enough reactions to bee/wasp stings that require me to get a high dose of benedryl in Urgent care units, and as we ALL know, I am paranoid about my Bub being allergic/sensitive to the same things I am. (& this is a LONG LONG List)

SO with that drivel said, we have done walkabouts the neighborhood instead. But I want my Bub to be able to play in the yard too, and as rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week & the men folk prolly won't get to the yard until this weekend, I snuck out the the house during Bub's nap & did a fire ant hunt with the fire ant killer!!!! MUHWAHAHAHAHAH! (mad scientist laugh) They will be ALL DEAD by Morning!

So now I am happy!

Then I mopped the floor in the kitchen...M, I say M, I say M-O, I say M-O-P, I say M-O-P-P, M-O-P-P MOP!
(muppet flashback- see season 1)
Nubs to all

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For Melissa

My friend Melissa sent me an email today letting me know that Snow is on the way to the great snow October...again. Then she asked me if I remembered the Oct 31st snowstorm in '91.

I do, only because my boss @ Arby's on Suburban(think her name was Kelly) was SO determined to open that Saturday Morning that she came and picked me up from home (I was a Junior in HS) because Muppet-dad (Grampy) said it was, " *&^%* crazy to drive anywhere in this *(&(*&^!!! snow" and he wasn't going to take me anywhere at 6am.
(I'm not sure how much of the above statement is accurate, and how much my imagination has embellished was over 10 years ago!!!) Love you Dad. *kiss*

But I digress...I don't think I will see snow this year. So I'm putting up this shot from last March. This was that REALLY bad storm that snowed me in & I got an occurance because I did not come in for the last .5hr of my shift when I finally finished digging my car out! (does the bitterness still show?) Anyhow, in the breaks Me & Joe took to warm-up & thaw a bit from being outside, we put together a few non-yellow snowballs for the Bub because it was prolly his last big snow for a LONG time. He had quite a kick out of it. The bad part was he started to try to eat the snow off our shoes when we came inside after that.... *sigh*

anyhow. Love everyone & I hope Mel saw the Oct 4th post. :)

Monday, October 16, 2006


I LOVE this picture of my little man!!!! It is so descriptive of him when he finds something interesting. (In this case a stick, but it's happened with ROCKS -in the mouth- bugs, leaves, etc...). The tongue isn't popping out as much as it used to, but you can see the bottom lip pushing out to replace the tongue when thinking hard thoughts.

This was last week during blustery weather (all 60-70 degrees of it!) Hubby told me that at his work all the smokers are huddled in a tight knit group when smoking outside in the 60-70 degree weather. This makes me laugh. Up in the great winter state, I have known people to go outside to smoke in -30 and under degrees with REALLY awful wind-chills to boot! AND they go out in a regular sweater, NO HEAVY COAT! (maybe a pair of stretch gloves...)

No I am not talking about me- I was NEVER that desparate for a smoke- I would bundle up or forgo it... & Hubby is not smoking now either. (yayee)

Anyhow, Happy Rainy (for me) Monday from me & the Bub! :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Helping Momma

Yesterday afternoon Mr. man Decided he was in the helpful mood. Not the "some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without" (Free to be you & me). -now today IS that kind of hel[ as I'm typing this with only my right hand. no qwerty for me.... (heehee)
anyhow yesterday I started to make the Bub some appa-juice. He was very interested in the proceedings as we used to do this all the time b4 we moved. Li'l Man LOVES pouring liquid from one container to another, so I found another pitcher & filled it w/ water so Bub could pour it inyo the juice concentrate. Then time to stir with the wooden spoon. Bub stirs by making the spoon go up & down in the liquid, but he didn't spill any & we celabrated with a glassof nummy juice.

love you all fom me n my Bub!

are we still mixing?
Nummy Juice

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Check out the flares!

Going thru some of the older pictures on my PC & I found these. I don't think I ever got a chance to show them to my mom. This little outfit on the Bub was made for me circa 1975ish (?) & somewhere there is the "famous" LilMuppetHead-barely-standing-holding-two-red-balloons -picture. Now I thought I had a copy of that picture, but I am wrong. Just looked in my photo album & it's not there. Must be in the upstairs hallway in my Parent's house. Phooey! I wanted to post it side-by-side...oh well, use your imagination.

This photo was taken in Feb of 06.
Maybe...Mom will see this post & scan the photo & email it to me so I can post it later....*hint hint* Maybe Muppet-brother has a copy of it?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I miss the swing sometimes

I remember taking this picture back in the loft. I remember thinking how glad I was that Mr. Man loved being in his swing & how it always helped him fall asleep.

Today I REALLY missed the swing.
But then he finally took his nap...all 40 min. of it anyhow....

Daddy decided to put the Bub to bed today, I think he fell asleep with him.

I think I need to go to bed early too.

Hugs & kisses to all my loved ones tonight!

Monday, October 09, 2006


On Friday Grandma & Grandpa had the afternoons off & we took a trip to their vacation spot sorta-nearby so Bub could go swimming in the pool. Little man was so excited because the pool had a BIG kiddie pool section that was only 2 ft deep. He had a kiddie life-jacket on &, you guessed, flopped over face first. he was floating face-down& panicing SO hard he didn't realize all he had to do was stand up. after Momma "saved him from imminent danger", he had to hold Momma's hand for about 20 min after that; just to help the confidence build back up. then he had a blast. Once again he was Mr. Flirty-pants & a little 5-6 yr old girl was playing with him & gave him her cup to fill with water & dump out.

Anyhow! This shot is Mr.Man & Grandpa. After the swim, we walked around a bit. They just put in a mini-golf putt-putt course, and Grandma loves the waterfall. we tried SO hard to get a couple shot of the Bub smiling, but he wouldn't co-operate. He just wanted to throw rocks & leaves in instead. Here you see Grandma & Grandpa trying real hard to get that kind of picture.
oh well, he's only 2 after all.

Must dash, "song of the Cebu" is on. Me & bub love dancing to it....Achoo-moomooo, boohoo-moomoo, moomoo, moomoo, Cebu! Hippo chewing his bamboo....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Walkabouts (in the yard)

Every morning after breakfast & when it is still early enough to be cool, Bub & I go walking around the back yard.
there is a little brick wall that will eventually have some kind of garden in it, but for now is wild. Bub & I explore this area. We find bugs & leaves & rocks. Rocks are his favorite- and when Momma isn't looking, in the mouth they go!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Last Saturday, Grandma and I were talking about how I wanted to get a humming bird feeder next spring, but I was worried about where to put it because one of my nieces is allergic to wasps, and hummingbird feeder can attract those buggers too. well she decided to surprise me on Sunday & get one! Grandpa put it up just outside bub's room- I didn't think we would see any hummingbirds for at least a week. Boy was I wrong! They were zip-a-dee-doo-dah-ing over within an hour. Mr.Man hadn't noticed the hummies visiting until today. we were sittin' on the floor in his room playing with "legos" and a little one zipped by just as Bub looked out the window. He just froze & watched until it flew away. Then he ran over to the window & climbed in to find out where it went. Of course I have to laugh. :p

had to fiddle with the photo's so you can see the hummies. I don't know what kind of hummingbird this is, it is brown with a shimmery green back...after they eat, the fly to the tree in the background & scratch their head just like a parakeet does! when they stop moving, they look like a leaf & you lose sight of them when you blink.

Have a great afternoon all!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Today we tried to talk with Grammy & Grampy on the phone, but Mr.Man was too busy to talk, so Momma did the talking for him. Grammy was excited to know that the Bub is learning the concept of "tricycle" He understands that his feet on the petals will move him, but the whole handle-bar thing isn't there. It's quite funny to watch the Bub go in little circles or bang into the wall because nothing is happening with the handle-bars to direct him.

- but if you look closely, there is a little bell on there. We have a little game...Momma says, "Can you make the bell go 'BING'?" (does the question mark go before or after the quotation mark at the end of a sentence????) *puff* then the bub RUNS to the trike and bings the bell. then we clap hands & say "yayee!" Then we get a few gratutious bings just for fun...and then the random bings...etc....
Then when we talked with Grampy, Lil bub started acting up because we were well past snack-time...what a travesty. So while taking with Dad, I set Bub up with his current favorite; waffle & 'nilla yogurt with frozen blueberry dessert! Here he is with yogurt & blueberry face as requested by Grampy. Fortunately you are spared the shot of "cram-all-berries-in-my-mouth -like-a-chipmunk-so-no-one-else-will-want-them-then-spit-them-out-to-enjoy-one-at-a-time"
I get to clean that up everytime we have frozen-blueberry-dessert-treat. Love the ones that make it to the floor....

Also exciting was going with Grandma & Momma in Grandma's "truck" to pick up one of my nieces. That was fun. When she got in the car, Mr. Man was so excited he offered her his choco-sippy. She wisely declined as choco-sippy after visiting the mouth of bub is not altogether appetizing. But Boy-oh-boy does love going for a ride!

Finally, even tho I am a few hours early. MUST MUST MUST say Happy Birthday to my friend Melissa. Hope you get to go bowling! bowl a gutter ball for me! hehehehehehe. And yes you were always right, I am -that- kind of mom. *grin*


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What a Day- so far anyhow...

****Caution***Sappy Mom story***Caution****

L'il Bub is being a good Bub today- trying real hard to anyhow. Yesterday night he started saying "good". everything is good to/for him, and I think he is trying to live up to this- but sometimes, diapers don't keep up with Bubs.

As we know Bub is now a great big boy of 2- yesterday he decided that he wants to use his potty again. (FYI-he went on "potty-strike" before & during the relocation). Well he surprised me last night after brush-brush by going to his potty & using it!!! Then this morning he wanted to use it again! But- after morning snack, while Momma was putting his clothes away, Mr.Man decides to poop in diapers, take diapers off, and run screaming about his room doing his "happy dance". Thankfully, he was done poopin' by then & was really careful about how he took it off cuz none of it got on anything. *whew* If that wasn't enough to make things fun, right before his nap, he had exploding diaper. We all know how much Momma loves the exploding Diaper. He didn't like it either tho, which is a first...normally he laughs when it happens, I think it sneaked up on him too.

Yes, my little man IS trying, but sometimes you gotta poop & run. :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

testing pictures

Here's the bub. we're not sure when this is- but I'll figure it out - I think it's near his 1st birthday when Grandma & Grandpa came up to visit in 05. It really looks that way bc it's seems to be pre-1st haircut! :)
More to come.


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